November Inventory Update

We update our inventory every week! Check out the new cars we have on the lot this week!

We have a wide variety of brands including Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, GMC, and many more! Our website includes a handy tool to help you search by make or you can use the search bar for any specific year, body style, make, or model!

Above is the new 2009 Toyota Camry! Known for being safe and reliable, this car is also very stylish and comfortable! The 2009 Toyota Camry gets great gas milage so is perfect for everyday life! View this car on our inventory page here.

Next we have the all new 2012 cherry red Ford Focus! This sedan gets nearly 40 miles to the gallon! Talks about huge savings! This stylish new car comes with state of the art technology to help keep you and your family safe at all times. This car won't last long, come in for a free test drive today! Click here to view this car on our inventory page.

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