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10 Signs It's Time to Buy A New Car

1.) You Have High Milage

High milage is never good on a car. Cars are more likely to experience mechanical issues that can lead to high repair bills! It's better to save your coin on repairs and instead enjoy a new car!

2.) Your Car is Having Mechanical Problems

This is never good. Cars with mechanical problems can be very costly and seemingly never ending. Why mess with it and drag on that pain, let the car go and find your self a newer car with no problems!

3.) You've Had Your Eye On That One Car For A While Now

We all know cars are begining to not only drive a lot better, but look a lot better, too. Have you been dreaming about the new 2017 Nissan Maxima for a while now? That is probably a sign that you're ready to invest!

4.) Your Car is Too Small

Is your family growing? It might be time to upgade seating and storage in your car! Check out compact SUVs for a roomier feel while still keeping a decent gas mileage.

5.) Your Car is Too Big

Maybe the kids are growing up, driving their own cars now. This is the perfect time for Mom and Dad to trade in the mini van for a sporty new drop top!

6.) You Need To Upgrade Your Ride

We've all been there when your car makes you just plain embarassed. No need for that! With so many different payment and financing options, a new car is in reach!

7.) You Need To Build Credit

Credit is hard to maintain and sometimes its hard to keep your credit score high. Financing options are available to help you increase your credit at places like BlueCAR. This is a win-win situation for you!

8.) You Need A More Fuel Efficient Car

Gas prices are soaring! A trip to the pump can certainly be painful these days. Consider downsizing to a more compact SUV or sedan for higher fuel efficiency!

9.) You Just Had A Promotion

Promotions are awesome! Congradulate yourself by treating yourself to a new car that youve always wanted!

10.) You're Reading This Blog Post

One sure sign that you're ready for a new car is the fact that you read through all these points. Let me say- its time for you to invest in getting a new ride. Check out BlueCAR for awesome deals, low down payments, and multiple financing options!

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