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New on the Lot: Infiniti EX 35

New on the lot: Infiniti EX 35

CHECK IT OUT: This week we are featuring our new addition: the Infiniti EX 35! This crossover is perfect for off-roaders, growing familys, and any one else that just wants a little more room!

Beautiful Black Leather Seats in this Infiniti

This Infiniti features double stitched, perfect condition, black leather. This luxurious interior will keep you comfortible every mile you drive. Below you can see in further detail how clean and luxurious the black leather seats of this Infiniti EX 35.

Infiniti Logo Detailing in the Leather Seats
Full Trunk for Maximum Storage Infiniti EX35

Featuring a full hatch trunk, the loading space is HUGE! The back of the EX 35 also features back up sensors to help you and your family stay safe every time you buckle in!

The New 2010 Infiniti EX35

With a compact SUV style, this is the perfect shape for almost everyone! The stylish new body style looks modern and luxurious from every angle!

This beautiful Infiniti EX 35 is only availabe exclusively at BlueCAR in Nashville. With a low down payment, no credit checks, and a team that wants you to get your dream car, drive home this stellar car TODAY!

Call, click, or visit today!

(615) 399-1111

3737 Nolensville Pike Nashville TN 37211

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